John Myers Art - About

First I picked up a crayon, and then a brush.

I have an inherent joy for color. One of my earliest memories from childhood is snow-topped mountains set against the clear lapis skies of Colorado. At age six, I was uprooted from the magical whistling woods of Black Forest to a small farming town in Georgia where the pines whispered in hushed tones as if in church. The focus of my teen years was private art lessons. I have always been driven to explore beauty and create.

After spending my young adult years in the newspaper and publishing business (where my duties included photography, darkroom, Light table, illustration and printing), I turned my focus to historic restoration, excelling in complex stenciling, marbling and graining. 

I am a painter, digital artist, and photographer. Photo restoration is an enjoyable pastime. 

I have won numerous awards in painting, photography and digital art. I am exhibit chair and write a blog for the  Middle Georgia Art Association. My personal art blog has 2600 followers, and I have over 7700 followers on the virtual pinboard Pinterest.